Many first-time parents consider buying shoes for their children is merely a cosmetic pursuit. By doing this, a large number of parents completely neglects the fact that the choose should also be very comfortable, to support a developing foot, and failing to provide footwear that will be able to do so can actually affect their health in serious ways. Shoes that aren’t comfortable enough, or are larger or smaller than they are supposed to be can actually be the root of lifelong health problems that will stem from that fact. To avoid buying shoes that won’t be appropriate for your child, you need to pay attention to the things that are important.

See if there is enough space in the front

When buying childrens shoes, it would be best to take your child along with you, so they can try on any pair of shoes. Remember, they won’t be able to sense whether or not the shoes are tight or loose, so you will need to make this check for yourself to find out at Kids Fashion Republic. Once the child has put on their shoes, push down on the front of the shoe, where their toes are, and ask your child to wiggle their toes, to see if they will be able to move them freely. They should have just enough space to wiggle their toes freely, but not too much.

The back is important, too

The next thing to check would be the back of the shoe. When trying out childrens shoes, check the space at the back, to make sure that there is at least enough space for a finger to fit in between to two in your child’s heel. You should make sure that the space is neither smaller nor larger than that, because both the extremes can cause problems in different ways. If the back of the shoe sticks to the heel, it is going to irritate the skin and cause blisters with prolonged use. On the other hand, if there is too much space, you will find that the shoe will be likely to come off very easily.

Minimize the risks

If you find that your child is too small to handle laces at the moment, don’t be too tempted to buy backless shoes, or slip ons. While these can be put on with little effort in a matter of seconds, they offer no support for your average child that will be running a lot, so they have a bigger likelihood to simply fall off, possibly injuring your child and process. Also, try to look for flexible soles on the footwear, because it will decrease the chances of your child falling while on unstable grounds.