Parents are very curious when finding preschool for their kids. They will ask everything in detail to ensure that their kid will be safe and even happy there. Also, they will inquire to the parents whose children are already studying in a particular preschool. Finding out their teachings and the teacher’s behaviors will be their top most priorities. But, when children are to be faced to the new place, it is very exciting yet crucial time for them. So, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to prepare their children for this happy journey of their development and growth.

Parents can become the teaching or development partner of the teachers at Frenchville kindergarten. Teachers would like to know that what is your child going through at home. Most of the parents don’t bother to inform the teachers about it. But, doing so will help the teachers to observe the effect on the child’s behavioral changes and the progress in their academics. So, don’t just leave your child at the school and take them home when they are done, but keep a habit of asking your child’s teacher about his behavior in the school that might be affecting the child at home.

Expressions of the feelings and the requirements are highly required to teach to your child. As a parent, it is completely their responsibility to make them understand about how to react to a situation. Teachers are new, so the children would take time to follow them. They can easily follow their parent’s behaviors. To understand the importance of self-control, parents need to have their children practice on that regularly. Children need a lot of practice on these before trying them at school. School will be a vast testing place for them.

Children love to play. That is why, allow your children to play even after their school. When they will play alone or will play with the groups, they can easily develop skills that are required to be a part of a group. This is not the case with most of the parents because they don’t find their children secure outside home. If this is your case, make sure to call his friends or other children in the society at your place and give them an enough place to play.

Allow your child to write down what they wish for. Give them the pencils, colors, crayons, etc to make them expressive while writing. Also, coming to homework, it creates an impression on the child. Homework is made to have the children learn and explore their learning by themselves or with parents. If the parents ask the child about the homework, it will make your child feel that their parents care about them a lot.

So, understand your responsibility as a parent that plays the roles of a guide, a teacher and a friend.