Best Amusement Rides For Kids & Adults

Jumping Castle is a new level of fun. If you want to plan for a school age child or any type of corporate outing at your workplace then jumping castle will provide you a great fun. This is a kind of ride which most of the children enjoy or even adult too join with them. There are many organizations that provide everything you need to take a new level of fun. They provide you the right equipment and support to make your event a complete success. Hiring jumping castle for your guest will be the best time possible for your guest. Jumping castle provides all the accessories you need at affordable price. You will also be provided with someone to supervise.

Jumping castle hire provide you perfect entertainmentJumping castle hire is not only for kids but also for adult. Even an adult too may wish to jump on it. You will be provided with everything you need to make the party a most memorable and fun time. Basically, people take jumping castle on rent for party, event; get together, birthday party, etc. Jumping castle is for fun so you can hire this from any shop on rent. Jumping castle requires large area so that we could avoid anything to happen. Well, you will be provided with all the safety measures once you hire it but it’s up to you how you want to maintain it. Proper maintenance and care are very important and even you need a person who will be standing with the jumping castle till the party is not ended. While hiring the jumping castle a man will with so that in times of emergency or even for its maintenance you need it. When hire jumpingcastle a team of expert comes with it so that they can set up properly or party or event. They try their best to make sure that everyone has a good time with the jumping castle. 

Advantages of jumping castleNothing creates a more successful fun environment than jumping castle hire can, also check this awesome kids party hire. If the attendees are having a good time and enjoying themselves then you will be successful in organizing the party. This is the right entertainment equipment for every type of party or event. You can think a birthday party for a child, teenager or adult with jumping castle. Even you can utilize the benefit by putting this at the sporting club, fete, festival, and Christmas party and even in a corporate event.

Jumping castle means to offer the best fun and sport for the children. Now you need to worry no more about letting your child out with their friends; get hold of this unique castle and watch them enjoy their party around the corner of your house.

4 Tips For Teaching Your Kid Puzzle Skills

Puzzles are great ways for your child to learn some problem solving skills. They are essential for development and growth. You must pick a puzzle based on your child’s developmental stage. Here are some tips on teaching your child puzzle skills:

Pick the right puzzle

Pick the right puzzle for your child to play with. You must choose a puzzle based on the age and developmental stage of your child. You can start off with easy shapes for toddlers and move along depending on the age of your child. You can then try out large puzzles when you see your child actually completing the easy ones quickly. Try to find puzzles which are connected to things which your child likes. Djeco toys have a great selection for you to pick out which will encourage your child to be more motivated to make the puzzle too.

Teach your child to replicate the image

Replication is key for your child to learn how to build puzzles. You can get your child to look at the puzzle image on the box and try to recreate it back with the puzzle pieces. Try to teach the child to locate the outside edges. You can get your child to start off with finding the pieces which will make out the straight edges opposed to the curvy ones. Try to get them to see which ones have the same colors and put them together.

Use descriptive language

Descriptive language is key to puzzle making. Get your child to look at the puzzles and describe what the puzzle looks like. You can ask questions like does it look like a dinosaur or tortoise? Do you think this looks like grass? What colors are on this? Get the puzzle pieces which match the description you just mentioned and place them one after the other. This will make sure the child understands that these images go into the large picture making process. Try to use language which will get the child to spin the pieces around when he or she can’t understand how the puzzle fits. You can get your child to try all the pieces of the puzzle before actually giving up.

Simplify the process

Try to make the puzzle making process easy. Do not get puzzles with too many pieces in them. You child will not know where to start and where to end with the puzzle making. You can add more pieces as you go along. Try to show the pieces first and see if the child understand how it all works. Djeco toys are great as they have the Djeco Wooden puzzle duck Bildi which is easy for small children to work on.

Remember puzzle making skills are crucial for your child’s development so don’t give up so easily when your child is finding it difficult. Get some easy puzzles first and then slowly try out difficult ones!

Babysitting Ideas For Summer

Summer is a time where children have too much time to get into mischief and adults have to keep an eye on their children. As all schools are on holiday, children have a lot of free time and excess energy in them. Managing a job while constantly keeping an eye on kids can be a challenge for parents during summer. This is where babysitting services come into play. Many parents leave their children with a sitter at least for half a day during summer months. If you too are a babysitter, you would know of this scenario. But keeping children happy and occupied during the summer months can be a challenge as a babysitter. Try the tips below to give your charges a fun filled summer.

Baking Lessons

A sitter who is not so good at baking will most definitely cringe at the idea. But what you need to remember is that it is kids you are babysitting. You need not be a Michelin chef to ensure that the kids have fun. Bake something simple and what you are most comfortable with such as cookies, pancakes or cupcakes. Kids will love the deviation from their usual routines and will most definitely have fun.



In contrast to adults, kids love exercise. Therefore the more opportunity to jump around, the happier will they be. One such idea is to hire jumping castle. You can create and play many games based on it, such as obstacle courses, hide and seek or simply play trampoline.

Another idea, that is as good as hire jumping castle in Melbourne, is to have sports days, where you organize a series of games, and give each kid points based on their performance. This will surely keep children occupied while they are trying to beat each other in the games.

Put on a Play

Acting out a play is another way in which children can be kept occupied while you babysit them. Choose a simple play, depending on the ages of your charges, and act it out. Practice it until the kids are ready for a showing. Make or rent costumes and plan an opening night. Act it out in front of their parents or at a local elders’ home.

Reverse Roles

If you have been the designated babysitter for some time for a group of kids, chances are that they know your routine pretty well. The idea is to change your routine so that the kids are kept on their toes all the time. One way to do this will be to reverse your roles, where you pretend to be the kid while your charges play the role of the babysitter. This trick works wonders with kids of 3 to 7 years of age. Let them teach you songs or tell you stories. Let them feed you a pre-prepared snack such as mashed potato, fruits or vegetables. You could take the game one step further by pretending to be sick or fussy. Let your charges figure out how to handle the situation when you are pretending to be sick or fussy. Do not forget to keep a straight face while doing so!

Benefits Of Buying Craft Kits

It will not be wrong to say that craft kits are the best thing which can keep your kids busy and can help them grow some interest in art and craft. For sure most of the parents face the same problem, and that problem is keeping their kids away from the television and video games. Keeping them away from video games and television is a difficult task. There is one better way by which you can get them busy with something creative and interesting, and the name of that solution is art and craft kits.

There are many benefits associated with seedling craft kits. You can enjoy all those benefits, and the only thing which you will have to do will be buying the kits for your kids. You should know this that by using art and craft kits you can not only keep your kids busy and occupied but in addition to that you can spend some great time with your family in the process. You should know this fact that the benefits of art and craft kits outweigh the benefits of the basic craft. This is the reason because of which most of the people consider buying art and craft kits rather than buying supplies for specific art and craft project.

As mentioned above there are many benefits associated with this option. To help you understand the importance and usefulness of art and craft kits some benefits of buying art and craft kits have been enlisted below:

Save money If you go out for buying separate supplies for an art and craft project then for sure, you will have to waste your valuable money. Since you will have to buy a good amount of supplies to complete the project and in the end, you will be left with unused supplies which will be wasted. It is better to use art and craft kits for completing any project or for giving it to kids. Since there is limited supply and you are charged for those supplies only therefore, you will be able to save your hard earned money by buying art and craft kits, check this awesome educational toys.

Save timeFinding the required supply for any art and craft project is a time-consuming and daunting task. You will have to run from one store to another for finding the required art and craft supplies. However, if you will buy an art and craft kit, then you won’t have to face this problem.

Finished products are betterIf you are using art and craft supplies, then you will find that at the end the final product produced will be of good quality and better finish.